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We caught up with Andrea Lusso, bar manager at The Ritz Club London, which is one of the most luxurious and exclusive private member’s club to be found anywhere in the world. Located right at the heart of London’s Mayfair, it appeals to the true connoisseur of luxury and elegance. The Ritz Club offers impeccable service and an enviable collection of fine champagnes, discerning whiskies and imaginatively inspired cocktails. Andrea has stocked Arbikie’s gin, vodka and whisky portfolio coming up to four years.

Flora (left) and Andrea (right) on the bar at The Ritz Club

What was the appeal of Arbikie and it’s spirits?

Arbikie have a genuine sustainable approach to their spirits. By growing their own ingredients and distilling their own spirits from scratch, the quality really shines through.

What influenced you to choose AK’s Gin as your house pour Gin at the Ritz Club?

The quality of AK's Gin and it’s distinctive butterscotch character along with the honey and black pepper aromas.


What is your favourite Arbikie product and why?

The seasonal vintage Strawberry vodka is extraordinary. The aroma of the strawberry is authentic, intense and captures the imagination. It’s unique flavours and smoothness make it so easy to use in any Strawberry based cocktail, which is both popular and delicious.

What do you find so unique about the Arbikie brand and why?

The field-to-bottle ethos is remarkable! The fact that all the ingredients going into each spirit are grown specifically for the flavour profile of each spirit is truly special.

What makes the drinking experience at The Ritz Club so special?

The highly trained staff behind our bar and of course, the elegance and exclusivity of The Ritz Club.


How does Arbikie’s brand and ethos tie in with The Ritz Club brand?

The Ritz Club and Arbikie both focus quality and offer a world class experience and product.


Is there an Arbikie cocktail you believe will forever remain a classic or favourite on your cocktail menu?

Yes, there are actually two Arbikie cocktail I believe will forever remain a classic/ favourite and that is The Ritzy Sazerac using Arbikie Highland Rye and The Ritz Club 32 Red using Arbikie Strawberry Vodka.


How was your experience when the Ritz Club team visited the Arbikie distillery?

It was great to meet Kirsty Black, Arbikie’s Master Distiller and her team. It was such a positive and memorable experience for all of us both theoretically and practically. It was fantastic to learn about the farm distillery and to share the thinking and efforts made behind these wonderful spirits.

What do you believe Arbikie Highland Rye brings to the delectable whisky selection on the bar at The Ritz Club?

I believe Arbikie Highland Rye is undeniably our most unique whisky product. It’s the first Rye whisky home grown and distilled in Scotland in over 150 years. We are proud and honoured to stock such a fine product.



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