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In the distillery, since day one, sustainability was a fundamental element of our business plan. The distillery was built with sustainability in mind; having photovoltaic panels on the roof and our distillation co-products being returned to our fields as natural fertilisers or being fed to our highland cattle.

Our Highlanders are the oldest registered cattle breed in the world, appearing in 6th century AD in the Highlands and the Outer Hebrides islands of Scotland. Arbikie owner, Iain Stirling, refers to these natural beauties as our 'recyclers' as they are a vital component in regenerative farming and our natural environment, recycling our spent distilling grains to enrich our farmlands.

Leaving our legacy

Homegrown Ingredients

 Since our opening in 2014, we have been working on establishing a number of juniper plantations across our estate, planting approximately 1000 plants a year.

Juniper is not only critical to gin production, but the majority of the UK's juniper species is currently under threat from a pathogen, so we decided we simply had to try and help.

Along with juniper plants we’ve planted 1000's of hedges, peas and oak trees. Growing oak trees will take at least 50 years, but Arbikie Distillery is a long-term project of creating a legacy family business and this oak will allow us to have our own new oak casks for maturing whisky in the future when the next generation is running the distillery.

Our Ethos


Arbikie Distillery is a genuine field to bottle operation. We create everything on-site, retaining the evocative taste of our unique environment at every step.


We grow our own crops, use our own water and grow our own juniper & botanicals. We are expanding our use of solar energy. Our primary waste products, where possible, are recycled as cattle feed or used as a natural fertiliser. Our distilling from start to finish uses negligible ‘food miles’ for its production.


Our distillery conducts almost all stages of production on site. Every crop in our spirits can be traced to its original field.


Our mission is to set new standards in the industry with the aim to be one of the world's most sustainable distilleries. We have become global leaders with the creation of the world’s first climate positive spirits, Nàdar Gin and Vodka. 

Arbikie director

John Stirling

"Our ethos at Arbikie from our inception has been to try and create world-class premium spirits where all ingredients are grown on our Single Estate farm. Minimising our carbon footprint and working with the wonderful home grown ingredients to create one of the world’s most sustainable distilleries.”

World's First Climate Positive Spirits

World's First Climate Positive Spirits

The World's First Climate Positive Spirits

 Meaning 'nature' in Gaelic, our revolutionary Nàdar duo harness the power of nature and science to create the world's first climate positive spirits, made from the most innovative and surprising ingredient - the humble pea. With a carbon footprint of -1.54kg CO2e per 700ml bottle of gin and - >1.53kg CO2e per 700ml bottle of vodka, Nàdar is at the forefront of fighting climate change and biodiversity loss, avoiding more carbon emissions than it produces.

At Arbikie, we make our own base spirit, which means that we have direct control over the crops we use to make our spirits. After years of study by our Master Distiller, Kirsty Black, we concluded that peas were an ideal choice for the planet as the pea crop requires no nitrogen fertiliser.

Revolution should also taste great and these climate positive spirits do not disappoint.