This week Arbikie celebrated it's official 6th birthday. Arbikie Distillery has now been in operation for 6 years and we've loved sharing our field-to-bottle journey with you, every step of the way! Our Brand Ambassador team have put together a menu of ultimate birthday cocktails that are delicious and perfect to toast to our 6th Birthday- why don't you try them at home for someone special? 


Arbikie Birthday Cake

35ml Arbikie Strawberry Vodka

15ml Frangelico

15ml Orgeat

10ml lime juice

Shake, Double Strain into a martini glass

Garnish: Hundreds n Thousands


A Nàdar Year Older 

40ml Oat-washed Nadar Vodka

20ml Cross Brew

50ml Coco-pop milk

Shake, Double strain into a rocks glass

Ice Block

Crumbled dark chocolate and coco pops


 Kirsty's Gin Fizz

25ml Kirsty's Gin

10ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

20ml simple syrup

3-4 blueberries

Sprig of fresh thyme

Topped with prosecco

Garnish with lemon slice, extra blueberries, thyme sprig

Muddle blueberries and thyme for extra flavour