Arbikie Distillery overlooks the dramatic Lunan Bay on the east coast of Scotland.

Arbikie Haar Vodka is named after the rolling and chilly coastal fog that frequently envelops the distillery.

This evocative Vodka is creamy with hints of vanilla, spice and caramel. Add to this the infused flavour of the place from where it originated, and we’ve created a truly unique vodka experience.

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The perfect way to start or cap off the evening. Our twist on the espresso martini using homemade caramel and a pinch of salt to work together with the tasty flavour profiles found in Haar vodka.

30ml Haar vodka, 25ml kahlua, 25ml espresso, small pinch of salt flakes, 2 tsp caramel.

Glass: Coupe

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Haar Vodka

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Serve in an espresso martini or with cloudy apple juice, soda & a squeeze of lime juice.
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ON THE PALATE: Vanilla, spice, caramel.
ON THE NOSE: Apple, caramel.