We've added a world first to our world first by creating Nàdar Vodka. Nàdar Vodka again harnesses the power of both nature and science to create this world first vodka spirit. 

An antidote to tasteless vodkas! At Arbikie Distillery we make our own base spirit which retains many subtle flavours lost in most vodkas. This field to bottle, world first spirit is distinctive and delicious, with a vibrant and spicy taste alongside a contrasting floral nose.


Nàdar Vodka

Nàdar and soda

Clean, refreshing and silky smooth with floral and spice notes from Nàdar, the world's first climate positive vodka.

50ml Nàdar Vodka, top up with soda and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Garnish: Mint and Cracked Cardamoms

Glass: Highball

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Nàdar Vodka

The World's First Climate Positive Vodka
Serve with soda and fresh lime juice or in a Martini.
ON THE PALATE: Intense. Vibrant. Spicy.
ON THE NOSE: Floral. Crushed white pepper.