Today, the 6th of April 2020, marks the Declaration of Arbroath's 700th anniversary. The letter, with the seals of Scotland’s nobles attached, emphasised Scotland’s right to be a nation, sowing the seeds of modern democracy. 

The Declaration travelled to Arbroath gaining support on its way until it was floated off from Arbroath Harbour to the Pope in Avignon on the 6th April 1320. In this period Arbroath Abbey and the town Arbikie has been born and bred, was right at the heart of Scotland’s power and politics.


Arbikie recognise this as an important victory to celebrate, as it has crafted the heritage Arbikie Farm is built upon. Arbroath 2020 have sadly had to postpone their 6 month programme of celebrations due to the coronavirus out break. Next April will mark the start of the 701st Anniversary and has been branded Arbroath 2020+1.

We're very excited to see what they have in store for us all next year and to have the Arbikie team involved with celebrations.

Today, is also known as Tartan Day to many. In America and Canada our family and friends will be celebrating (while safe at home) Scottish freedom, alongside us.