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Staying positive? It's not so easy from home! So the Arbikie team are staying connected.

By holding virtual catch-ups we have brought the A Team from not so 'near and far' closer together. As a team, we recognise how important communication is and the contribution it has been making to our happiness and well-being. On Sunday we are hosting a (virtual) pub quiz with the entire Arbikie Brand Ambassador team.

As well as recognising the teams efforts to stay positive, there has been amazing acts of kindness from the local community in Angus. Holding a weekly, online, bingo fundraiser with some fabulous prizes up for grabs, Shaun and a group of friends have been donating all the money raised to local business. The acts of kindness triggered by COVID-19 has left us speechless and the community coming together like this helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Find all info on Shaun's fundraising page here: 

Forming the frontline for the crisis are the NHS and care workers. Every Thursday night for the past four weeks, the nation have been showing their support by clapping at 8pm. From your neighbourhood, through out the country, everyone has come together in unity. We are so thankful to have a care system like the NHS and acknowledging the bravery of people still working, volunteers and all acts of kindness.

Together we will get through this, stay safe and stay positive everyone,

The Arbikie Team

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