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Throughout the month of May, we have endured strict measures of social distancing. So, in order to bring one another closer together, in a safe manner, social media has played a strong role in facilitating us. You might have heard of Gin a Day May? On Instagram gin-enthusiasts have been sharing their favourite gins every single day - and the Arbikie team have loved seeing our gin portfolio being heavily involved with this! 

To see the celebration and praise of distilleries, big and small, is fantastic. It has really brightened up our news feed. As a thank you to everyone that has showed some Arbikie love, throughout the month of May we, would like to return the gesture by sharing some of our favourite photos from #GinADayMay.

Below is a collection shared with us by @theginguide, with our full gin collection on @ginonthetyne shelf!


Kirsty's Gin was the first gin created at Arbikie Distillery back in 2015. Made from our potato vodka and, named after our master distiller, Kirsty Black, who carefully chose local botanicals to represent Arbikie’s unique landscape and surroundings. The kelp, carline thistle and blaeberries represent the elements of ocean, rock & land. These create a smooth, floral and citrus character, with delicate black pepper notes.



Arbikie, Kirsty's Gin has been a strong favourite in May so, a Kirsty's G&T was added to the menu, every Monday providing us with some motivation. 


Next up is @chvrchv, who held a gin tasting to try out her two new gins, AK's and Kirsty's. Another reason was because her father didn't know gins could taste different, we hope your gin tasting has opened up a whole new world of gin to him!


We obviously need to give attention to our newest gin on the market, Nàdar. It is the worlds first climate positive gin. The picture below was shared by @auntyel on day 14, admitting the environment wasn't something she had previously considered when drinking gin but that she was suitably impressed with the taste and made her feel good while drinking it.  


... and another Nàdar number from @drinks_with_jude. Our winner of the 'Cocktails at Home" competition and it's well worth checking out her amazing cocktail creations.


Day 14 was a popular one for Arbikie as @theatlasbar also chose us for their post that day. Reminiscing on their trip to the farm, giving an extra special shout out to Nàdar for the contribution it makes to fighting climate change- Nàdar meaning nature in Gaelic. We hope to welcome you back very soon.


Thank you so much to everyone who has joined in on Gin a Day May. It has been such great fun, we've really appreciated and enjoyed seeing all your posts, cheers!

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