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We are back to fill you in on the most recent updates from The A Team Takeover. It has been a few weeks since our first update which means we have three new episodes from our Brand Ambassadors series, which you can watch @theateamuk on Instagram. With each episode there has bee a promotion code released, for the product of the week. This extra treat makes each week super exciting and adds suspense for everyone joining in at home.


After the excitement of World Whisky Day we had Our Brand Ambassador Seb presenting his favourite of the Arbikie range, Haar Vodka. Seb graced us with inspiration for a weekend drink, and some authentic, homemade puns.

Arbikie's first two vodka releases were made with a potato base, Haar is the first of our vodka family to be made with Zulu wheat. The ethos at Arbikie is to be as sustainable as possible and with everything grown field-to-bottle it gives us a power over each stage of the farming process. The use of Zulu wheat creates a lovely smooth, caramel character that has an exceptional level of butteriness.

So, if you've had a Haar'd week this is the one for you. 


Week 5 was spiced up with some Chilli Vodka. Arbikie Chris, owns a couple of amazing bars in Dundee as well as being a Brand Ambassador for Arbikie. With his fantastic years of experience, Chris takes us through the tasting notes of our Chilli Vodka. Chilli vodka is made using our potato vodka and infused with chipotle smoked jalapeño chillies grown in our polytunnel. 

Its fiery taste makes for a great Bloody Mary, which Chis created with an Arbikie twist.

Last Friday was World Environment Day. In light of this we celebrated by going green with our sustainable home-grown spirits. Arbikie Dana is our Glasgow Brand Ambassador and showcased Nàdar Gin, the world's first 'Climate Positive' Gin made from the humble pea. Dana tells us everything green that goes into making Nàdar and provided us with cocktail inspiration, in time for the weekend.


@theginjudge has already got involved and recreated the cocktail recipe from Dana. We love to see our followers get involved and share their creations with us, Thank you!


Back again this Thursday at 6pm with Strawberry Vodka and a brand new discount code. 

See You Thursday @theateamuk!

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