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We have chosen three very different tonics to pair with our ‘Kirsty’s Gin’

We have chosen three very different tonics to pair with our ‘Kirsty’s Gin’.  Of course when you try them you will notice how different

each serve tastes.  The beauty of gin is you can drink it many different ways; the trick is to find your way!
In our second instalment, we review Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

A G&T is a classic cocktail and one of the most popular drinks ordered in bars across the world. Matching your gin with the right tonic is very often overlooked when creating this traditional British cocktail. The tonic is 3/4 of the drink so its important to select a tonic, which compliments the botanicals and flavours found in your gin of choice.

Kirsty’s Gin has a traditional juniper base using three Scottish botanicals: Kelp, Carline Thistle and Blaeberrys.  Kirsty’s Gin is best enjoyed with a light or neutral tonic that brings out the botanicals in the Gin. Avoid strong tonics, which will over power the gin, as you will end up tasting the tonic only.

We suggest serving Kirsty’s Gin over big ice cubes with a twist of lemon, this is the best way to capture and savour the flavour and creamy character of our gin. When making your G & T, always use a highball glass and pack it full of ice.  This will keep your drink chilled, minimising dilution, which can dilute the flavour.

Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Fever Tree is arguably the world’s leading premium tonic provider, which has ridden the wave of the explosion of gin around the world. Find out more here:

Kirsty’s Gin and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic make a refreshing and well-balanced G&T.

Fever Tree Mediterranean has a herbal flavour with hints of lemon thyme and rosemary, which compliment the creamy and floral notes found in Kirsty’s Gin. This combination results is a fantastic G &T, superbly balanced and so easy to drink, making it a perfect summer tipple

Another great thing about this pairing is the garnish, which can be customised to your personal taste.  A sprig of thyme works really well this and gives the drink a fantastic aroma or as pictured with blueberries and a twist of lemon, this brings out all the subtle citrus notes.

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