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In the last of our meet the Ambassador series Ally talks about all things Vodka and why some Vodka’s are more equal than others!
What makes Arbikie Vodka different?

Being Scotland’s first potato vodka using our own water source and farm grown potatoes make it a complex and smooth sipping Vodka. You can ask the farmers where each batch came from on the farm, to using traditional and new methods to create a truly unique product.

Why do most brands use a grain-based vodka instead of potatoes?

Most distilleries don’t have the resources to make a potato vodka from scratch, it’s also significantly harder to make, and more expensive to do in terms of volume of vodka produced vs. amount of raw ingredients used.


How would you recommend trying Arbikie Vodka for the first time?

Straight out of the freezer or over ice with a twist of orange.

What is your favourite Arbikie Vodka Cocktail?

I like to keep it simple; a Dry Vodka Martini with Arbikie with a twist of lemon is outstanding!


What kind of impact does potato vodka have on the taste of a cocktail?

For me it’s about the impact it has on the texture of the cocktail, the rich creaminess and smoothness you get is second to none.

What’s it like representing a Scottish Vodka Brand?

It gives me a great deal of pride to be representing a Scottish Vodka, I get a real kick out of watching people’s perception of Vodka change as they try Arbikie Potato Vodka.

Vodka is often maligned by bar tenders, what do you think about this?

It’s a shame, there are some fantastic Vodka brands out there but they don’t have a chance because vodka has had such a bad rep in the past.  The big brands focused more on the bottle and the presentation rather than innovating within the category. There are some cracking craft brands out there and it’s only a matter of time before we see a renaissance, hopefully Arbikie will be a forefront of this.


What is the best way to change people’s perceptions of Vodka?

Knowledge of what Vodka is and what it can be used in, it’s not just something you mix coke with. I genuinely feel that once trying Arbikie, whether neat or over ice – not too different from having a nice glass of Scotch – it is a unique experience.

If you were to pick a band that best represents Arbikie Vodka, what would it be?

The Proclaimers: You’ll be walking 500 miles after trying it!

Where do you see the vodka category going in the future?

Vodka is starting to get back up there at the top of the industry, with many craft distillers across the world bringing out great products, it’s only a matter of time for it to boom as gin has over the last 2 years.

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