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 You have previously been introduced to Nàdar Gin but today we have the live launch of Nàdar Vodka.

Both Nàdar Gin and Vodka are made from a pea based spirit. The use of the humble pea is the secret behind the world-first, climate positive spirits. Nàdar Vodka avoids more carbon emissions that it creates with a carbon saving of 1.53 kg CO2e per bottle. To create just ONE bottle, it requires 4,500 peas to make a 700ml bottle of spirit.

The name meaning nature in Gaelic, reflects how we harness the power of nature and science to create the worlds first climate positive spirits. In the pre-order of Nàdar vodka, which is available until the end of today- Friday 28th of August- you will receive a FREE 20cl bottle of Nàdar Gin and a branded, eco-friendly straw. This allows everyone at home to try both and experience the difference between flavours.

Here is the Perfect Serves for your sustainable spirits:

Nàdar Vodka

Fill a highball glass with some ice.
Pour 50ml of Nàdar Vodka,
and top your glass with 125ml of Soda.
Garnish this elegant drink with 4 cracked cardamon pods and a sprig of mint.


Nàdar Gin

50ml Nàdar Gin
Topped with light tonic
Garnish with fresh ginger
Serve in highball glass

Not only does this duo achieve amazing things and make a great pairing with your mixers or cocktails but, are the perfect spirit to celebrate, the newly founded World Sustainable Spirits Week, which will take place during the final week of August every year. This leads to World Sustainable Spirits Day, which is today 28th August 2020!!

Join us in raising a glass of Nàdar Vodka tonight at 7pm HERE.
Cheers and Sláinte!
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