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As preparation for the live launch of Nàdar Vodka, we made a few stops at some of our favourite Arbikie watering holes, in Edinburgh. They created some lovely sustainable cocktails for us and gave us their thoughts on Nàdar Vodka and the importance of sustainability for the drinks industry. 

Hey Palu!

First up is Hey Palu who work their hardest to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our sustainable spirits fit perfectly with their brand and the team at Hey Palu! shared how much they have especially valued working with our latest climate positive spirits. Hey Palu! is a modern Italian bar and specialise in aperitif style drinking. In line with this their bartender Andrew, kindly mixed up a Nàdar Vodka martini for us to enjoy. This was Andrew's drink of choice due to the lovely long finish of Nàdar Vodka, which paired perfectly with a very dry vermouth. Andrew thought the dry vermouth balanced out the sweeter notes found in our climate positive vodka. 

Andrew - "Distingishing features on the nose that stand out against other vodkas" and they love the long finish. To taste it is "sweet and creamy".


One Canon Mills. 

Next we visited One Canon Mills, where the experienced Martin Duffy chatted with our Edinburgh Brand Ambassador, Kylie. One Canon Mills shares our ethos of sustainability, they identify themselves as a 'neighbourhood bar' which is reflected in who they stock. This is where Arbikie comes in to play, as a local distillery, we are one of a few valued distilleries, behind the bar. Martin has been up to the distillery to see the beautiful corner of Scotland where we are perched  on, and to see our field to bottle process first-hand.

In the name of sustainability, Martin mixed together a sustainable cocktail, which reflects their local neighbourhood, vibe. Here is the recipe, which is made using delicate, fresh flavours to let our climate positive spirit shine through:

Martin - "the whole point of vodka is that it is designed to be neutral, but it doesn't have to be." Nàdar Vodka is distilled using peas and doing this "creates a green, freshness to it that you just don't get using grain or potatoes, which makes it unique."

50ml of Nàdar Vodka
Organic Honey 
Rooibos & Apple Tea (Brodies)
Topped with Sparkling Water


On our travels we made a video of our experience, to capture the best elements each bar has to offer. Watch these HERE

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