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19th of February 2020 ...

The release of Nàdar Gin,

Launched as the “world’s first climate-positive gin”, Nàdar was born from a five-year research project and avoids more carbon dioxide emissions than it creates. 


The Greenest Gin on the Market ... quite literally, our Nàdar Gin is made from legume, peas and its climate positive effect contributes long-term to looking after each peas of greenery around the world.  This was a massive success for the team, especially for the three great minds behind this groundbreaking research and development; Kirsty Black, Graeme Walker and Pete Iannetta.

1 Year Later ... 

The humble pea is once again the star of the show. A year later we are celebrating the anniversary of that achievement. As we continue our fight against climate change, we continue to make climate positive spirits at Arbikie. In the past year we have also achieved another world first, Nàdar Vodka. Which was the next step to creating an era of ethical consumption...

Get involved in the one year anniversary celebrations

1. Share your favourite Nàdar cocktails with us tagging @arbikiedistillery (Instagram) or @arbikie (Facebook/Twitter)

2. Take part in our week long quiz on Nàdar Gin - keep an eye on our stories!

3. Enjoy 15% off Nàdar Gin ALL WEEK - use code: NADARGIN1

Cheers to celebrating a week of Nàdar Gin

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