World Bartender Day is happening on 24th February 2021 and the Arbikie team are ready for a week long toast to our fellow bartenders and international Brand Ambassador team! 

 What is World Bartender Day?

Every year on February 24th World Bartender Day celebrates the bartender, one of the world's oldest professions. It's also a day for bartenders to show off their unique talents and creations. While a bartender may seem like a modern profession, they have been around since the 1400s.


- National Day Calendar


How to celebrate #WBD with Arbikie
  • Arbikie will be showcasing our International Brand Ambassador Team over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 
  • Cocktail recipes from across the globe will be shared daily!
  • Bartenders and bars from all over the world will be brought to one platform on World Bartender Day! 
  • One new post each hour on World Bartender Day revealing a new bartender and their cocktail of choice