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Celebrating Arbikie Distillery's heritage back two hundred years on the East Coast of Scotland, Highland Rye whisky- the world’s only Rye Scotch Whisky- launched its 1794 release.

Arbikie was first discovered as a farm distillery in 1794. Centuries past, distilling was a local craft with a truly local flavour. In these distant times, all ingredients for the pot still would be taken from the farm and immediate surroundings. Our 1794 Highland Rye Single Grain Scotch Whisky is a celebration of this field to bottle tradition-reviving a genuinely authentic way of distilling and producing a spirit with a sense of place, and a taste of the land and sea that surrounds us. 

As with our limited-edition, we combined our unique use of rye with new charred American oak. But for the 1794 edition, we did not finish the spirit in a further cask, leaving the lively new oak to do its magic, and it did not disappoint! It is the first time in Scotland this combination has been created, and the result is a highly original whisky that fires the imagination and the senses with exciting flavours and aromas.

Highland Rye 1794 Initial Thoughts and Reviews Part II

Ahead of International Whisk(e)y Day we've put together some new reviews and thoughts from a group of fantastic whisky writers, drinkers and enthusiasts on the latest release of Highland Rye 1794. 



Rich and multifaceted, capable of competing with (and surpassing) many of its overseas cousins thanks to the complexity of its aromas, which play on sweet and herbaceous tones that keep in balance without stepping on each other's toes, in a varied and enjoyable drink.

Lamberto is a whisky writer from Italy who recently sampled Highland Rye 1794, and we're delighted with his review! You can watch his full review and official bottle opening from his Instagram page here

Karen and Kai

The manifold impressions can be bundled in three thrusts, namely fresh herbs, Christmas sweetness and hot spices. They all give the whiskey a unique character, even within the rye world. That's why fans of rye whiskey should dare to take a sip. There is an incredible amount of potential hidden here.

Karena and Kai are from Berlin, and have combined their passion for whisky and tasting whisky to create the Doktor Whisky blog. You can read Karen and Kai's full review of Highland Rye 1794 here

Dion and Dennis

This whisky exudes tranquility instead of hitting your palate with lots of heavy and sweet notes. It’s wonderfully balanced and offers an array of surprising notes. The first couple of sips are absolutely incredible, every time I taste it.

Dion and Dennis named themselves The Whisky Consultants after coming together to spread their love and passion for whisky. Spreading this love and passion was initially through organised whisky tastings in the Netherlands, but over the years Dion and Dennis grew an important digital presence, where their blog was born! Check out their website here

Don Howarth


The taste is sweet but it’s got a big flavour, some spiciness and I picked up some liquorice as well and some caraway seed flavours. It’s definitely got that grain/cereal flavour about it. It’s only a few years old so I’ll be interested to see what’s coming down the line from this farm to bottle distillery.

Don, the 'whisky explorer' is based in Scotland and shares his love for whisky through his social media channels and website. Sharing his honest opinions on whisky with his own pictures too! You can check out The Whisky Don website here



1794 Highland Rye Single Grain Scotch Whisky has subtle spiciness and yummy sweetness to it. Aromas of cloves, nutmeg and butterscotch with well-balanced earthiness.

Inka, a whisky enthusiast from Italy has a digital presence to share and explore 'the world of spirits from seed to glass'. Therefore, Highland Rye 1794 was the perfect spirit for Inka to sample from our Single Estate distillery. You can follow Inka's spirits journey here


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