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Arbikie Distillery is part of the Arbikie Highland Estate which overlooks Lunan Bay on the Angus coast. Find out more about this fascinating place with these quick fire questions.


Arbikie Distillery is part of the Arbikie Highland Estate which overlooks Lunan Bay on the Angus coast. Find out more about this fascinating place with these quick fire questions.

Q. Are you a true Highland Distillery?
Yes, according to the Scottish Whisky Association we are located within the Highland region (i.e. Above Dundee on map)

Q. Where exactly is the distillery?
The distillery sits perched above the picturesque Lunan Bay in Angus. From marauding Vikings and smugglers through to traditional fisherman and optimist sun bathers there has always been a reason to visit the bay. The view of the bay from the distillery windows draws and inspires us on a daily basis.

Q. When was the distillery built?
Our provenance goes back to 1794, when local maps show Arbikie as a place of distilling. After a ‘brief’ period of down rebuilding work started in October 2013, finishing in the Autumn of 2014.

Q. Where did the equipment come from?
CARL is Germany’s oldest distillery fabricator, founded in 1869. They combine traditional family craftsmanship with leading innovations and technologies.

Q. What is the capacity of the distillery?
Our distillery has the capability to produce 560 litres of pure alcohol every day (200k lpa pa) but at Arbikie we like to take things a bit slower. We don’t mash every day and we split production time between our three spirits, focusing fully on one at any time allowing us to create innovative, distinctive and perfectly nurtured spirits.

Q. Are you an artisan distillery?
Yes, to us artisan simply means skilled craftsmanship; making things by hand. Arbikie distillery has been designed using modern, innovative equipment but our distillers still turn each lever, valve and switch by hand.

Q. How many pot stills do you have and what is their capacity?
We have 2 copper pot stills. Jan – 4,000 litre pot still and Ack – 2,400 litre pot still. To make vodka pure and clean, however, it is necessary to utilise something called a column still. Our spirit still has the option of diverting the alcohol vapour to our beautiful column still which stands central in our distillery skimming the ceiling high above.

Q. Where do you source your water?
The water used at Arbikie is sourced from 400 million year old rocks which are formed from sand and gravel deposited by ancient rivers. The water, which originally fell as rain on the surrounding hills and mountains many years ago, has been naturally filtered by the rocks through which it has passed.

Q. Where do you bottle?
On site at the Arbikie Distillery.

Q. Where do your bottles come from?
Saverglass. They are a reliable, global supplier who can provide our distinct, premium glassware.

Q. What is the retail price of Arbikie vodka?
£38.00 for a 70 cl – 43% ABV

Q. Where can you buy it?
From our website and through our UK Distributor, Gordon & MacPhail our vodka is available in major retail outlets listed on our website.

Q. What is your sustainability policy?
Arbikie is a one-site operation that aims to be as sustainable as possible, with an emphasis on growing, harvesting, distilling, bottling and warehousing on one site. We will also look to improve on an on-going basis by growing more of our ingredients on our site and continually to look for energy saving and efficiency opportunities.

Q. Can I visit?
Only by appointment, as the site is a working farm.

Have further questions? Please feel free to drop us a line at

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