Arbikie 1794 Highland Rye Single Grain Scotch Whisky is a celebration of the field to bottle approach to distilling that took place at Arbikie in 1794 - reviving a genuinely authentic way of distilling.

As with our limited-edition, we combined rye with new charred American oak. But for 1794, maturation is entirely in this lively new oak, creating exciting flavours and aromas to fire the imagination and senses.

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Rich, smooth and silky. Cinnamon, muscovado and fresh honey notes from the 1794 Highland Rye contrast perfectly in the ultimate whisky cocktail done the old-fashioned way.

50ml Highland Rye 1794, 1 sugar cube, angostura bitters, orange bitters.

Garnish: Big ice cube and orange peel

Glass: Rocks

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Arbikie 1794 Highland Rye (2020)

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Arantes Scottish Rye, Viscount Scottish Wheat, Odyssey Scottish Malted Barley
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‘Excellence in Sustainability’ - Scottish Whisky Awards
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New charred American oak
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Serve neat in a rocks glass
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ON THE PALATE: Cinnamon, allspice and a spicy burst tempered by sweet muscovado sugar and fresh honey
ON THE NOSE: Fresh cloves, nutmeg, Christmas cake spices, thyme, earthy notes, creamy butterscotch