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How to upcycle your empty Arbikie bottles

How to upcycle your empty Arbikie bottles

The next time you finish a bottle of Arbikie, don't throw it out, turn it into something pretty or practical instead! Scroll to see how you can upcycle your empty bottles: 

Lamp Shade

If you’re feeling crafty, try your hand at repurposing your empty spirit bottle to make a unique and funky lamp for your home like this one by @lightnshade_tayside.


Candle Holder 

Enhance your home decor with an upcycled candle holder. Simply insert a drip candle into your clean, empty bottle and you've got yourself an impressive new candle to display around the house. Make sure your candle is securely fixed in the bottle before lighting it!

Fairy Light Bottle Lamp

Recycle your empty bottles using LED fairy lights. This homemade lamp is guaranteed to impress and is a great way to create a warm atmosphere in your home.

Table Water Bottle

Upcycled bottles

Why not use it as a table water bottle? Make sure to rinse your bottle well with hot water and you’ll be good to go. FUN FACT: We are using this method to serve water to guests at our new Distillery Experience!


Have you repurposed your empty Arbikie bottles? If so, please tag us so that we can see! Instagram: @arbikiedistillery | Facebook: @arbikiedistillery | Twitter: @arbikie

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