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Whisky Cocktails

Whisky Cocktails

There are many different whisky types, and with that, comes a number of different ways to enjoy it.

Cocktails can be a great way for beginners to ease themselves into the world of whisky. Even if you're a seasoned whisky drinker seeking a new way to enjoy your favourite dram, there are some timeless whisky cocktails that are essential in creating a well-rounded whisky experience.

Whether you're a whisky novice or connoisseur, explore our whisky recipes below to find your perfect serve!


Rye whisky is perfect for mixing into cocktails due to its flexibility. Whether it be neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, there are many ways to enjoy this bold and wonderful spirit.

Here at Arbikie Distillery, we brought back the first Scottish Rye whisky in over 100 years, meaning every sip is a taste of history. Records show that rye grain was used in Scotch whisky production until the late 19th century and it is this tradition that we revived with our Highland Rye Whisky, which exudes unmatched flavour and luxurious quality.

To demonstrate the versatility of rye whisky, we have put together three different ways you can appreciate it, whether you're a beginner or an experienced whisky drinker:



A classic whisky cocktail, the Old Fashioned is one of the world’s oldest cocktails, dating back to around 1880! Garnish choice is key when making an old fashioned. Opt for an orange or lemon peel to enhance and aromatise, without overpowering your cocktail.

Rich, smooth and silky. The ultimate whisky cocktail done the old-fashioned way.


50ml Highland Rye Whisky
1 sugar cube
Angostura bitters
Orange bitters

Garnish: Big ice cube & orange peel

Glass: Rocks


Another classic, the Rob Roy cocktail was created in honour of the iconic Scottish hero, Robert Roy.

Bold and Boozy. A celebratory sipper with a delightful Scottish twist for all the Manhattan lovers.


50ml Highland Rye Whisky
20ml Sweet vermouth
2 dashes orange bitters


Garnish: Lemon twist

Glass: Nick and Nora


Drinking whisky neat is the championed method of many whisky experts. If you want to maximise the spirit's taste and let the raw flavour profile shine, drinking your whisky neat is the way to go. If necessary, you can also add a few drops of water to your whisky to help open up the flavours.

Served Neat

Optional - Big ice cubes on side

Glass: Rocks


Browse Arbikie Highland Rye Whisky collection HERE.

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